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This deviation was deleted

I haven't seen Paperman, just to let you know, but I can't resist a piece of artwork with Toothless because he is the cutest dragon in animated existence.

What I like: Depth. You make it clear that Paperman is in front of Toothless and is prepared to throw a paper airplane. She's looking at something offscren, perhaps a potential target.

Also, good job on her hair texture, using cross-hatching to make it thick and detailed. You put the effort in to make her a solid, defined figure.

What to think about:

Gesture. This is more directed at Toothless's rendition, because I don't know what his pose is based on merely his head. Is he crouching? Sitting and watching her launch the paper? If you're only going to draw his head, be sure to indicate his pose. I also hope that if you draw more sketches that you finish the figures, no matter how difficult they are. I sympathize because the dragons from the movie are difficult.

Hope you draw more. Happy Christmas!
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My-Cat-Romance Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks you! Yes, I realize that Toothless looks unclear, and this is a SKETCHBOOK drawing. My sketchbook drawings are not perfect. :stupidme: But Im really glad you did like it. In my sketchbook, what I do is I sketch different things together. Toothless was supposed to be just standing, but because I had my sketchbook with me at school, I drew alot more underneath him. I might do a digital to show that, but Papergirl is glancling off to see where HE is. Toothless is just sitting and being a cutie. But I'm really glad you liked it.

JayaLaw Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Tell Spidey that I wish him the same. And yes, I hope you do expand this into a digital. Understand about the sketchbook part because I have plenty of unfinished sketches.
If you ever have time, could you look through my gallery and comment on your favorite work?
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